Web Sites

APCO (Association of Public-Safety Communications Officers)

Their career page is HERE where you will find a listing of openings across the country and the wide range of salaries out there.

NENA (National Emergency Number Association)

Their career page is HERE.  NENA offers a good selection of educational and certification programs online.

CalNENA (a “local” chapter of NENA for the state of California)

 Their career page is HERE

A career in Public Safety Dispatching is both rewarding and exciting.  This career is not for everyone so the best way to determine if you have what it takes is to start by taking a class.  Classes offered for this career will take you through the different aspects of the job.  During or after the class you should seek out an agency to do a "sit-along" so you can actually watch a public safety dispatcher in action.  You will be able to ask questions and see the amount of teamwork and multitasking necessary to be successful in this profession.

Currently, sit-alongs at Metro Net are only offered for students enrolled in a public safety dispatching class or candidates participating in a current hiring process with a local agency. ​

A Career in Public Safety Dispatching

How do I get started?


Golden West College in Huntington Beach offers dispatching classes, and would be a great place for potential dispatchers to have some classroom time to get a feel for what the job is all about. The night class is a semester long (16 weeks) and the day class is 3 weeks straight.

Search for the class:  HERE  search for GWC Spring 2016 - Criminal Justice

  • The 3 week class is: CJ G078 - Pub Safe Dispatcher Basic

  • The semester long class is: CJ G079 - Public Safe Dispatch Basic Ext

You can also visit the academy’s page at http://www.goldenwestcollege.edu/cjtc/ for additional information.